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In today’s rapidly changing business and technology landscape, as well as with the increasing availability of data, it is critical for businesses to make insights-led agile decisions to remain competitive and grow. However, many organizations lack the necessary capability, which includes a mix of contextual business understanding, analytical skills, and technology competence, to effectively leverage their data and develop practical solutions. Building this capability can require a significant investment of time, effort, and money and may still not address the expedient challenges that businesses face from time to time.

That is where Maavrus comes in. We are a managed marketplace for on-demand analytics and business transformation services. Our platform enables domain experts to collaborate seamlessly with data scientists, and process improvement/automation specialists, to deliver actionable insights and business effectiveness solutions on-demand and in quick turnaround time.

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“Our community of experts is constantly growing!”


Domain Experts

Service Partners

Strategic Transformation Projects

What we do

We support CXOs with practical data insights and strategic recommendations, to help them profitably grow their business.

Our areas of impact span across multiple functions.

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We have deep domain expertise in B2C businesses.

Sales Performance Insights

Customer Retention and Lifetime Value

Gross Margin Return on Inventory

Space Productivity

Pricing and Promotion analytics

Business Performance Insights

Traffic to conversion analysis

Customer acquisition costs. (CAC)

Customer engagement, repeat rate, and CLTV

Fulfillment analytics

Deposits & AUM Growth Analysis

Loan Portfolio quality insights & models

Cross-sell Ratio & penetration

Digital adoption

Cost to Income ratio

Revenue Growth

Customer acquisition and repeat rate

Traffic to Conversion

Return on Marketing Spend

Social Media Engagement

Revenue Growth

Menu analytics -Ticket Size growth

Service and Fulfilment analytics

Food Cost Percentage

Customer Retention and CLTV


Looking for real-world examples of how our ecosystem has helped businesses achieve success

Share your broad business challenge with us to receive a tailored approach note or set up a 30 min free consulting session with us.

Our Engagement Model

Why Choose Us

At MAAVRUS, we take full accountability for seamlessly delivering on-demand solutions to agreed business expectations.

Additionally, you can benefit from our tailored solutions, agile delivery, hassle-free engagement, risk-free pricing, and data security approach.


Tailored Solutions

We tap into our global network of top domain experts, analysts, and service partners to deliver practical solutions tailored to your needs.

Quick Turn Arround

Agile Delivery

We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time and can start working on your project within 1-2 weeks.

Hassle Free

Hassle-free Engagement

By contracting with us, we will engage the appropriate talent on your behalf, effectively relieving you of any unnecessary burden.

No Risk

Risk-free Pricing

Our “pay on delivery” pricing approach minimizes your financial risk and ensures that you only pay us for progress.

Data Security

Data Security

We work securely on your data cloud and tech stack through VPN access, ensuring that your data remains safe and protected at all times.

Blogs & Updates

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The Why and How of building a Single View of Customer

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How can Fashion buyers leverage AI and Analytics?

How can Fashion buyers leverage AI and Analytics?

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