Will AI replace Fashion Designers?

Written by Maavrus

October 18, 2022

Artificial Intelligence

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Hi. Good morning. I was recently reading an article where The Economist editor Kenneth Cukier mentions that Artificial Intelligence will challenge and eventually replace fashion designers. I am not too sure I entirely agree with the statement, but I am definitely convinced that designers who embrace and adopt Artificial Intelligence are likely to see a lot more success, will be a lot speedier, and will be a lot more cost-effective as compared to designers who choose not to embrace Artificial Intelligence. That is because Artificial Intelligence can actually help them analyze huge volumes of data related to customer choices, patterns, colors, cuts, and fabrics, and then overlaid on global trends to give them a curated set of choices on which the fashion designer can leverage their experience and gut and build further air. We are already seeing a lot of adoption in the fashion industry.

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What are the use cases of Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Industry?

I want to talk about three use cases. The first use case is what I call a virtual product design. Currently, if you look at it, fashion designers sketch the type of design they want, send it to factories, and get the samples, it goes through a couple of iterations and can take weeks before a design is finalized. In the virtual product design, the same fashion designer could enter details of what they are trying to develop, and it can create a 3D rendition. And the fashion designer can change colors, patterns, and styles on the computer and then decide what is the best choice that she would like to pursue further. This could bring down the sample design time or the fashion design time from weeks to maybe days or possibly even ours and could bring down the cost of design by close to around 30%. The second area where I see fashion designers using Artificial Intelligence on platforms like DALL.E.2 & Mid Journey. These are platforms where a fashion designer could enter information and text. Like, for example, they could enter the sensibilities of customers for whom they are designing this product, the occasion for whom they are designing this product if they got any inspiration from any artist or global designer. And the Artificial Intelligence engine on MidJourney or DALL.E.2 would create multiple designs of this and make it available for the designer to choose a few from, and then they can build further on that. A third one that I saw and found very interesting is what is called Project Muze. This is a project where Zalando has collaborated with Google Zoo and created this project News, which is a platform where they have around 50,000 data sets entered by around 600 fashion stars. And what tends to happen today is for any customer were to talk about a particular situation, context, or occasion for which she or he is looking for a fashion designer, it would throw out a few recommendations. Now, retailers can actually leverage it a lot because one, it can be a great way of engaging with their customers beyond just trying to sell them products. The other is their most valuable Customers could actually give them indications of the type of products they like and they could then take that information to them, and curate the type of leads they want in their retail stores or on their eCommerce sites. Zalando actually, out of the various designs that were created by End customers pick three of them and watch them at Z labels in their business. I hope you found this interesting. If you are interested in knowing more, please do Google virtual Product design. For fashion visit. Try out a few things. You’ll find it very interesting and you could read up on Zalando Project News. Hope you found this interesting. Thank you.

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